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BIO-CHASE (2013)

biochase boardbiochase played

keywords: biotechnology, progress, humour, board game

A board game where "forwards" and "backwards" are not as straightforward as they sound...

Biotechnological developments promise us a green and prosperous future, of nutrient-dense foods, eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices for various industries, such as agriculture or the textile industry. While attractive to many, such a future is not to happen in a flash: It will involve scientific breakthroughs, societal shifts and a confrontation with our attitudes towards the various biotechnological developments involved. So, what does each one of us think of biotechnology as a means to progress, what do we consider to be a positive development and what is progress in the wider picture?

Enter BIO-CHASE, a board game where moving "forwards" and moving "backwards" are not as straightforward as they sound...

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