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Word-of-Mouth (2006)

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keywords: museum, disruption, audiotour, visitor, content creation, eavesdropping

"Word-of-Mouth" is a configuration of the museum environment that allows the viewer of a museum exhibit to overhear previous spectators of the same exhibit. Conversations and comments of the pass-by visitor, recorded inside the museum without the commentator's awareness, are added to the information that refers to and defines an exhibit to confront the following spectator.

"Word-of-Mouth" consists of a recording and a playback mechanism. To facilitate comment capturing, I introduced a "social audio tour" unit with integrated recording capabilities: Pairs of visitors record themselves (without awareness) via a mobile recording unit particularly promoted as an audio tour for pairs. Collected comments are played back to the following visitors by means of the "extended audio tour", instances of audio tours that bring together the official museum text and the visitors comments.

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A. Kallergi and M. Lamers. Word-of-Mouth: A technologically mediated agent provocateur. In Proceedings of the Nordic Digital Excellence in Museums Conference (NODEM 08), 2008.
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Word-of-Mouth was developed as part of my MSc research on disruption (of the expectations of museum visitors) as a positive force.