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Research statement

I am a Human Computer Interaction (HCI) researcher active at the intersection of HCI with games and play. I research the potential of playful interfaces for data-intensive application domains such as scientific practice. During my phD research, I considered the relevance of playfulness and of playful interfaces for scientific creativity in general and for biological research involving images in particular. My research is motivated by recent trends in the field of HCI, such as gamification and serious gaming and is informed by practices such as social gaming and storytelling.

Next to my major stream of research, I maintain an ongoing interest in museums and museum collections. My master thesis, "Provocative tactics in the museum territory", investigates the possibilities of disrupting the museum experience as a way to promote a more critical approach of the visit. My honours class paper "Bioart on Display: Challenges and opportunities of exhibiting bioart" raises a number of issues regarding exhibits of bioart works.

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