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New media literacy/ interaction design education

I regularly teach courses in the domain of Human Computer Interaction (e.g. Usability and Human Factors in Interaction Design@NTNU). Taught predominantly at a Master level, such courses aim at educating independent and reflective interaction design professionals and researchers. At the same time, much of my teaching practice has been oriented towards introducing new audiences to new technologies: Since 2008, I have been teaching non-technical students to program (e.g. Programming Interactions@ KABK, Introduction to programming@LU) and enabling artists to experiment with new media such as games (Game Design@KABK) and VR (Game Design Special@KABK).


Hands-on bioethics

For my work at the Humanities, I co-taught a number of courses on the ethical and societal implications of biotechnology (e.g Who Owns Life? @LU). These courses emphasize the role of art in the societal debates and are distinguished by a unique hands-on pedagogy: Inside the biology lab, students are exposed to the materials and methods of the life sciences and are often confronted with concrete dilemmas. In addition to coordinating numerous artists workshops and lab practicals, I developed and conducted a number of educational activities, from DIY biology protocols to roleplays to game design workshops, that actively and creatively engage the students with the issues at stake.