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Hands-on (2009)

camera glovesgloves onhandson screenshothandson kijkdoos view

keywords: protocol, laboratory, student work, video

How does a protocol look like from a hand’s point of view? How do my hands and other people’s hands function during the same protocol? What kind of space is being generated onto the laboratory bench during a protocol?

Using a simple wearable prototype to capture live footage from both hands, five volunteers executed a zebrafish toxicity assay. The captured imagery was particularly challenging in terms of reconstructing the performed protocol and clearly showed the different approaches taken by the performers.

For the SOWOHLALSAUCH festival, I displayed the captured footage inside a 'kijkdoos' (peep box); a voice over of the performed protocol is overlay with comments of the performers while executing the protocol.

Presented at:
SOWOHLALSAUCH festival, an Art Science Cinema Lab Night, 2009.
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Hands-on was created during the Leiden University honours class "Conquering Life? Questions at the frontiers of art, philosophy and the life sciences", led by Boo Chapple.